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Film Screening

Dear Friends,

Below are the details of film screening for the month of June.


Hördur - Zwischen den Welten (2015)

(Hördur - Between Worlds)

Director: Ekrem Ergün | 80 min |Colour| Drama




After a run in with the Law, Aylin a 17yr old Muslim Girl part of the Turkish diaspora in Germany finds herself sentenced to community service at an out of town horse stable. Beset by trouble at home and school, it is here that she, despite all odds is set on the road to self-discovery. As the pace quickens her blossoming relationship with the Stallion Hördur and her fledgling dreams are tested to breaking point. Can Aylin build a bridge between worlds? And if she can will others follow?


You can watch the trailer on : http://cineuropa.org/en/video/rdid/301163/


Screening details:

Date : Saturday, the 2nd of June

Time : 6:30 PM

Venue : the amphitheater

FIFA World Cup 2018!


Sl. No Match Date Day Time
1 Russia vs Saudi Arabia 14-Jun-18 Thursday 8:30 PM
2 Portugal vs Spain 15-Jun-18 Friday 11:30 PM
3 Argentina vs Iceland 16-Jun-18 Saturday 6:30 PM
4 Peru vs Denmark 16-Jun-18 Saturday 9:30 PM
5 Germany vs Mexico 17-Jun-18 Sunday 8:30 PM
6 Brazil vs Switzerland 17-Jun-18 Sunday 11:30 PM
7 Tunisia vs England 18-Jun-18 Monday 11:30 PM
8 Russia vs Egypt 19-Jun-18 Tuesday 11:30 PM
9 Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia 20-Jun-18 Wednesday 8:30 PM
10 Iran vs Spain 20-Jun-18 Wednesday 11:30 PM
11 France vs Peru 21-Jun-18 Thursday 8:30 PM
12 Argentina vs Croatia 21-Jun-18 Thursday 11:30 PM
13 Korea Republic vs Mexico 23-Jun-18 Saturday 8:30 PM
14 Germany vs Sweden 23-Jun-18 Saturday 11:30 PM
15 Poland vs Colombia 24-Jun-18 Sunday 11:30 PM
16 Uruguay vs Russia 25-Jun-18 Monday 7:30 PM
17 Iran vs Portugal 25-Jun-18 Monday 11:30 PM
18 Spain vs Morocco 25-Jun-18 Monday 11:30 PM
19 Denmark vs France 26-Jun-18 Tuesday 7:30 PM
20 Nigeria vs Argentina 26-Jun-18 Tuesday 11:30 PM
21 Korea Republic vs Germany 27-Jun-18 Wednesday 7:30 PM
22 Serbia vs Brazil 27-Jun-18 Wednesday 11:30 PM
23 England vs Belgium 28-Jun-18 Thursday 11:30 PM
  Round of 16      
1 1C vs 2D 30-Jun-18 Saturday 7:30 PM
2 1A vs 2B 30-Jun-18 Saturday 11:30 PM
3 1B vs 2A 1-Jul-18 Sunday 7:30 PM
4 1D vs 2C 1-Jul-18 Sunday 11:30 PM
5 1E vs 2F 2-Jul-18 Monday 7:30 PM
6 1G vs 2H 2-Jul-18 Monday 11:30 PM
7 1F vs 2E 3-Jul-18 Tuesday 7:30 PM
8 1H vs 2G 3-Jul-18 Tuesday 11:30 PM
1 W49 vs W50 6-Jul-18 Friday 7:30 PM
2 W53 vs W54 6-Jul-18 Friday 11:30 PM
3 W55 vs W56 7-Jul-18 Saturday 7:30 PM
4 W51 vs W52 7-Jul-18 Saturday 11:30 PM
1 W57 vs W58 10-Jul-18 Tuesday 11:30 PM
2 W59 vs W60 11-Jul-18 Wednesday 11:30 PM
  Third Place play-off      
1 L61 vs L62 14-Jul-18 Saturday 7:30 PM
1 W61 vs W62 15-Jul-18 Sunday 8:30 PM